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14 years ago

When I started my career in real estate, my trainer wanted me to prepare a business plan and write down my Vision and my Mission. "My Vision" I wrote, "is that everybody should have a nice home, full of light, space and happiness. And my Mission is to help people achieve that".

13 years later, I never had a business plan, but lots of very happy buyers and sellers. Here are just a few testiniomials:

Monika is a pleasure to work with, and extremely talented at her job. Her passion for representing and advocating for her clients in this crazy Toronto market is invaluable. Evan

We were very fortunate to work with Monika while buying our first home. She brought a great personality, a wealth of experience and a good helping of patience to the process. Her primary concern was our happiness and we are very pleased in our new home.  Jason

Monika is my home angel. 7 years ago she helped me find a home and I am back with her. She is selling my house and helped me find that condo. I would not have another agent ever. Guy

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